Westminster and 2015 shows

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2015 shows

G-Man. Fergie and I went to the Big Apple and had fun...G-Man did a publicity shoot for Westmisnter  and Vogue and New York Times Photo Shoot

Bogie is Major pointed

AND aHUGE Surprise will be unveiled! Check back latter


Allison and her boy Carson and G-man waiting for the press conference

G-Man and I with David

Sparkling Blu Dreams N Angels

Fergie won both her classes in NYC

G-Man at Westminster

G's favorite Visitor, Elizabeth

Just chillin

Sparkling Blu Return to Me!

Bogie 2nd major with Faye..Terrible color, bad photographer, the ribbons are purple, royal blue and Red and white

Allison, with David Frie

Madison Square Garden form our Suite


Offical win Pic

"The Garden"

Ready for BIS

G-Man at Westminster

Very tired ready for bed

Part of our Suite

Bogie's Major

On a very hot day!